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What if a community could change your life?


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Do you ever...

  • Feel that eating disorder recovery is lonely, secretive, confusing, and overwhelming?

  • Think you’re not “sick enough” to get help, but know something needs to change?

  • Wish for more structure and support between meetings with your treatment team?

  • Struggle to find friends or peers in your life who aren’t obsessed with diet culture or weight loss?

  • Feel confused or overwhelmed with where or how to start recovery?

  • Struggle to find affordable recovery resources and support?

  • Think your current recovery plan isn’t working and want to try something new?

The Recovery Collective is a virtual global eating disorder recovery community

designed to connect you to peers and professionals who believe recovery is possible for you.  



 Our intention is for you to feel connected, motivated and inspired throughout every step of your recovery process.


Doors open May 22nd- Join the waitlist!

Imagine how your recovery would change if you had...

  • A community of friends, peers and professionals who listen non-judgmentally, understand you, and encourage you every day to heal?

  • A full schedule of live events and classes to add much needed structure to your recovery journey? 

  • More opportunities for accountability and inspiration outside your current treatment plan?

  • Private access to a group of recovery specialized professionals who are there to guide, coach and teach you along the way.

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Plus! Enjoy these amazing perks!


 🌿 A highly active and engaged private Facebook Community


🌿 Monthly Journaling Prompts


🌿 Meditation Audios 


 🌿 A library of all our recorded virtual events in case you missed them live! *You will also receive all of our 2022 content!

Each month we invite a new eating disorder recovery professional or role model into our community to host an exclusive workshop.


All workshops are recorded and stored in our private content library in case you miss the live session or want to watch the replay.

Check out our 2023 guest lineup:

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The Full and Thriving Podcast


Are you wondering what it's truly like to be a member of The Recovery Collective? Grab your headphones and listen to our CEO and Founder, Meg McCabe, interview three members of The Recovery Collective about their first 6 months within the community. 

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Video Poster Image

Each month, you'll have access to the following recovery professionals during our live events:

Here's what our members are saying:

We asked our monthly panelists,

"What inspires you to be a part of The Recovery Collective?"


Here's how they responded:

Kate Noel


"I am inspired to be a part of The Recovery Collective because I truly want every single person to thrive in their recovery with community, support and love!"

Mia Findlay


Eating disorders are such pervasive, isolating illnesses so finding a community is extremely important. I believe this collective will provide a much needed interactive, hopeful and safe space for those who are looking for support and understanding from those who are going through recovery or have been through recovery.”

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